Strategy & Solutions for Retail Communication

Grottini Communication comes from the experience of Grottini Retail Environment, an international company specializing in Retail Design and manufacture of furniture for shops.
We build communication systems evolved to inform, entertain, promote and interact. The team Grottini Communication consists of project managers, art directors, graphic designers, assistance unit, marketing specialist.



"We have identified Grottini Communication is not just a supplier, but a partner with whom to share thoughts, actions and strategies.
The solutions proposed by Grottini Communication enabled us to implement a new communication strategy more attractive, easier to manage and update. These conditions have to be taken up impacting our windows and our internal wayfinding giving our stores a look and feel clean, modern and functional at the same time. "


Mascia di Prima - Marketing Manager, Retail


Evolving Showcase Display Houses Futuristic Conceptual Designs by Industry Stars.

Futuristic watch brand NOOKA’s ZONAL exhibit premiered at the WantedDesign show in New York City from May 16-19, 2014. Taking inspiration from the vedic chakras, the ZONAL exhibition featured designs for each one of the seven zones in the human body, extended to the world. Several prominent design stars including NOOKA founder Matthew Waldman, Marc Thorpe, Joe Doucet, Paul Loebach and Rem D. Koolhaas designed conceptual products that expressed NOOKA’s philosophy of optimistic technofuturism.


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